Many motorcycles are far too loud

To the Adirondack Journal:

Well, here we go again. Warm weather brings out a fair amount of ear-shattering, ground-shaking, fire-breathing, two-wheeled mechanized beasts known as motorcycles. Many of these have inadequate, little, or nonexistent mufflers.

Note to local law enforcement officers: I’m willing to bet lunch that if my mode of conveyance was as loud and raucous as some of these motorcycles, a traffic ticket would be in the offing.

Selective enforcement? Note to motorcycle riders: Is it really necessary to “burp” the throttle when trying to downshift? Is it really necessary to “burp” the throttle while sitting idle at a corner or red light? What, did you think the engine would stall if you didn’t twist the throttle, or do you just like to draw attention to yourself and ruin your hearing? Is it really necessary to wind up the engine to red line before shifting to produce the maximum amount of noise?

Most of these motorcycles come from the factory with more than adequate mufflers, not unbaffled pipes directly off the exhaust manifold.

Such motorcycles disturb the relative peace and tranquility, not to mention causing permanent hearing loss to not only the rider, but harm to the hearing of innocent citizens nearby.

J.P. Gitto

Lake George

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