Keeseville dissolution committee breaks down draft study

Keeseville Mayor Dale Holderman.

Keeseville Mayor Dale Holderman. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— “What is the additional work,” Ausable Supervisor Sandy Senecal asked. “Water and sewer salaries and fees are something that should already be in place because that is a district that is self-sustaining. Even if one of the current village clerks were to be hired on as support staff for that purpose, it is not going to increase any costs for the town because it has already been taken care of in the district revenues.”

The committee also spent time talking about garbage removal services.

“The town of Chesterfield does offer garbage collection, it is just not door-to-door but through the compaction station,” Morrow said. “Let the private haulers take care of it for those who still want door-to-door service and the others can go to the compaction station.”

“If it is a matter where bringing this service into a budget would be cost prohibitive, then the compaction station does have similar prices to what the village offers now,” Senecal said.

“It’s not a matter of if we can provide this service, but if we can afford to,” Morrow said. “They are not going to want to pay more for the service, and you cannot add an expense to your budget, expecially when you are dealing with a two-percent tax cap.”

Weidmann said the discussion over a topic like garbage pickup was a needed one.

“This is one of those areas that the towns would have to consider and if we can decide this as part of the study, then it can be a big step that we have already covered.”

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