Keeseville dissolution committee breaks down draft study

Keeseville Mayor Dale Holderman.

Keeseville Mayor Dale Holderman. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— Members of the Keeseville Dissolution committee met for the first time in two months to go over the services that would still be needed if the village government were to go away.

During the April 25 meeting, consultants Peter Fairweather and Tim Weidmann presented the committee with a first look at a dissolution study and talked about services that are provided in the village as well as in the towns of Chesterfield and Ausable.

“We want to thank the towns and the village for providing the information that we needed,” Weidmann said. “We still need some clarification on the inventory of assets for each, but we have a lot of information to work with.”

Weidmann said the services that are provided by the village were part of three categories: redundant services, equivalent services and unique services. He added that only tax collection and elections were categorized as redundant services, and most fell under equivalent services.

“We have to figure out who is going to do these things where there are equivalent services offered by the town,” Weidmann said. “The easy answer is to continue all non-redundant services, but we want to put options on the table.”

Chesterfield Supervisor Gerald Morrow said he felt the consolidation of equivalent services was something that the town could take care of without a lot of added tax burden.

“Our people can take on the added water bills or added work load because we have a good system in place,” Morrow said.

Newly-elected Mayor Dale Holderman disagreed.

“I think that it is naive to think that the towns can take care of this additional work load and that the staffs would do that without an increase in pay,” the mayor said.

“The people have picked up extra work before with no problem at all,” Morrow said. “There will really not be that much more work. You do not know how we are set up in the town.”

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