Fighting the ‘war’

To the Valley News:

In response to rallies planned in state capitals across the country on Saturday, April 28, to protest the “War Against Women,” members of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign have shared how they see the real war against women, and their comments share a common conclusion.

“What all of these women, these veterans of choice, say is that abortion is the nuclear weapon in the arsenal of the war against women,” said Georgette Forney, co-founder of Silent No More. “Here in their own words, the wounded warriors in the war against women share the impact of being in the battle.”

Beatrice Fedor, South Carolina: “Can Ronald McDonald oppose childhood obesity while selling obesity inducing food items to kids? Neither can feminists oppose violence against women and support abortion. Abortion is violent and humiliating. It is convenient for the abuser, crushes women’s self-esteem and creates self-hatred. I'm pro-woman and anti-abortion."

Pamela Messina, Virginia: “The real war against women is being waged by the abortion industry as it helps those who are coercing women (such as boyfriends, husbands and parents) to abort their children. The real war against women also is being waged every time a female child is aborted in the womb. What good are women's rights, if you first do not have the right to be born?”

Kelly Clinger, Georgia: “The real war on women is being waged on those of us who refuse to buy into a culture of death.”

Nancy Belzile, New York: “Everybody talks about a woman’s right to choose. Sadly, the rights of the unborn are not considered and in reality, women are not given a choice. I was never given a choice or opportunity to feel supported to bring my two children to term. If someone had been there to offer non-judgmental support, I would not have gone through with the abortions. But instead I was told the child growing inside me was just tissue and a procedure would make it go away and I could go back to my life like nothing ever happened. I will regret my abortions until my death.”

Speaking of the people who advocate for abortion, Mrs. Forney said, “They see an abortion clinic and they think choice. We look at the same clinic, and we see the ultimate exploitation of women and the starting point for where we should unite to fight for real women’s rights and equality.”

Nancy Belzile,


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