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When the shocked neighbor asked Quick why he had done it, he replied “You will know later!” He was taken to the Warren County Jail in Lake George where he refused to talk about it any further and the full story, to my knowledge, never came out.

At trial his lawyer submitted a plea of insanity. Quick was dying of consumption (pulmonary tuberculosis), which was very common in those days and he was sent away to Clinton Prison where he lived in a cell and also in a comfortable place in his own mind where no one else was allowed to enter. His jailors were kind and treated him well. George Quick took his secrets to the grave with him and his pitiful story passed off into Adirondack lore.

Lively blaze burns bridge

The Hudson Valley Railway Company’s bridge across the Schroon River, at the south end of Warrensburgh, narrowly escaped destruction by fire on Sunday night, May 12, 1912.

The 10 p.m. southbound car had some trouble with its motor and stopped on the north end of the bridge for quite some time, throwing a shower of sparks on the ties. Soon after the car passed along Miss Mary Davis, from her home nearby, saw a bright light on the bridge. Her curiosity was excited and she informed her father, Charles Davis who at once investigated. He found a lively blaze, fanned by a strong wind, rapidly eating into the ties.

With the assistance of a neighbor and several pails of water, he extinguished the fire which in a short time would probably have been beyond control.

Miss Davis states that the bridge has caught fire in the same way several times before and it seems probable that it may again. Some morning the company might just find themselves minus a bridge. (Note…Charles Davis and his family lived in the big farmhouse still standing on the south end of the trailer park at 1 Main St. It is today owned by Roger Shaw.)

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