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Murder motive never found

George Quick, 29, a farmer who was serving a term of not less than 20 years in Clinton Prison, Dannemora, for killing his 25-year-old wife near King’s Station, about 6 miles north of Saratoga Springs on Sept. 4, 1911, died of tuberculosis in prison on Wednesday morning, May 1, 1912. Quick was tried on the charge of murder in the first degree on Dec. 16, 1911 before a special term of the Supreme Court at Ballston over which ex-Justice Joseph A. Kellogg of Glens Falls presided.

Quick was found guilty of murder in the second degree. When he was sentenced to Clinton Prison he was in very ill health and it was thought he would not live to serve his term. Soon after he was removed to Dannemora the murderer wrote to his attorney that he was well cared for and that he had a clean place to sleep and plenty to eat, two essentials of life which he had never had before, he said. He declared that his life in prison was more pleasant than the one he had led outside the prison walls.

Note…The full details of this strange case appeared in this column in the Sept. 17, 2011 issue of the Adirondack Journal. There was obviously a dark secret behind the murder that I have never been able to discover by perusing old newspapers.

Quick lived in poverty with his wife, who was said to have been beautiful, in a run-down hovel. The day of her murder he had borrowed a shotgun from his next door neighbor and than drove his wife to the cemetery to visit the grave of their infant son. When they returned home he shot her in the back, blowing a big hole between her shoulder blades which punctured her left lungs. He than dumped her in the woodshed where she died of shock and hemorrhage. At trial it was brought out that he had not been drinking the day of the murder.

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