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Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

Dear style & substance:

I am going to a summer wedding for my niece and haven’t worn a dress in years. When I inquired about the “dress code”, I was told “wedding attire”….Help!!

Weddings are formal occasions in which the bride and groom and their families have invested a lot of time and thought into creating a beautiful and memorable event. In being invited to this celebration, it is respectful to dress the part. Contrary to many casual dressers beliefs, formal wear can comfortable and reflect your personality, while still being appropriate to the occasion.

A shirt, tie and dress pants for men is the minimal standard. Adding a jacket gets rave reviews. While a dress is the most traditional choice for women, a pant in a luxurious fabric or beautiful color will make everyone feel like you belong! Add an unusual jacket that is fun, fancy and formal.

Another alternative when planning an outfit is to start with the piece that makes you most uncomfortable; the length of a dress, the shoes, etc. Once you have found a piece that works for you, you can build the outfit from there. Sales Associates are happy to help, so let them give you some options. Whatever you decide on, remember to wear it proudly, no fidgeting allowed!

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