Women can make their own decisions

To the Editor:

A recent letter chided the use of birth control drugs by women but never mentioned that drugs for men with erectile dysfunction are available under most health plans! Republicans in national and state office are doing their best to deprive women of what the layman calls “The Pill.” They make no exceptions and as the letter writer did, they seem to have no problem with men receiving drugs that have no other purpose than to help them have sexual relations!

Never mind the fact that “The Pill” is not only used for birth control but for other maladies such as to lower the chances of women getting ovarian cancer for those with a family history of the disease! “The Pill” also lowers the chances for other cancers, endometriosis, amenorrhea, severe cramps, premenstrual syndrome, unnaturally heavy and long menses and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome!

One has to ask why are politicians making medical decisions for women instead of doctors!

The Republican Party proudly pronounces that they want government out of our daily lives and then they invade the welfare of women as if women are incapable of knowing what is good for them!

I have news for those who would try to put women back into the dark ages! Women can make their own decisions and they don’t need a bunch of old men taking control of their care!

As a man who has a great respect for women, I urge them to unite and let those who would infringe on their rights, know their days are numbered! November is coming and women will have a chance to take back their lives and make their own medical decisions!

Gary P. Guido


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