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Kicking up their heels

The first post-Lent dance will be held at the Warrensburgh Music Hall on April 12, 1912.

Event organizer Berry Woodward said, “And believe me, it’s going to be some dance,” he said. Woodward, as well as Henry S. Bertrand, Thomas O’Connor and Lee F. Stockton, are in charge of the arrangements.

This is a dance for the older citizens — the settled-down folks who have rather withdrawn from the social whirl and left the field to the rising generation. Once a year, however, they break loose and return to their old ways at the Music Hall. To see Lou Emerson and Tom Smith shoe’er down in the Virginia Reel or the Money Mush, takes one back to the good old days before the Turkey Trot and the Bear Hug and even the two-step and the waltz — the good old days when the contra-dances were “all the go.”

Just watch the old fellows and their wives dance these oldies and you’ll witness poetry in motion. Some of the young ones will be allowed to attend — but they will be expected to let their elders take the lead in the evening’s sport.

The music will be furnished by Martine’s Orchestra of Glens Falls under the direction of Joseph Tierney, the accomplished Albany violinist. Supper will be served by the O’Connor Brothers next door at the Adirondack Hotel.

Garnet mine blast kills worker

Joseph Rando, 40, died at Glens Falls Hospital on April 5, 1912, from the effects of injuries received in an accident at the North River Garnet Mine. He was employed there and was attending to his duties when a blast exploded prematurely and he was severely bruised by many fragments of rock, one of which fractured his skull.

Dr. William R. Lee of North Creek attended him and advised that he be taken to the hospital to be operated upon by Dr. T.H. Cunningham and he was taken to Glens Falls on the afternoon train. His condition was so weak that the operation was not performed. Rando was unconscious from the time of the accident until his death.

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