A plea to Essex County Supervisors

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Very shortly now many of you will face the biggest decision of your political lives. It will be a decision that will have the most long lasting and far reaching impact on almost every family in Essex County as today's population ages out and requires nursing home care. It is no secret that Essex County's residents do not have the same financial abilities as other NYS residents, and therefore, the majority of us and even if you don't realize it, probably each of you as well, will not have the retirement income or assets, unless you are independently wealthy, (and then lucky you) to pay for nursing home care without benefit of Medicaid. As you all know I understand that the census at Horace Nye Home most of the time runs over 90% Medicaid eligible folks to fill those 100 beds.

Therefore if you are preparing to sell Horace Nye to fix your escalating tax costs that you are saying indicates the nursing home contributes to, correspondingly, shouldn't you be prepared to answer the question and have a solution to where are you going to put the other Medicaid eligible folks that the other two private nursing homes and the new private nursing home in Essex County do not take.? Where will these folks get the care they need? Will they languish in the hospital at higher than normal costs to the county waiting for a nursing home bed? Will they be sent out of Essex County, or worse yet, out of state? How will many of you face your voting constituents when that happens? My father's monthly retirement income is higher than most and yet, he is still eligible for Medicaid because of the high cost of nursing home care. Our family has been so fortunate that he has received the quality care that any family could want for their loved one at Horace Nye and it is only 16 miles from our home. My father, Harris Young, is a World War II Veteran and was a NYS Veteran Counselor for 25 years serving more veterans in this county than I could count from 1956 to 1981. Doesn't he deserve to have a safe and caring environment close to home?

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