Johnsburg mulls growing list of projects

The Johnsburg Town Board, March 2012

The Johnsburg Town Board, March 2012 Mike Mender

— Workforce reductions in the town of Johnsburg Building and Parks Department coupled with tight budgets and limited resources in recent years worked to create a backlog of projects, Town Councilman Peter Olesheski told fellow board members Thursday, March 22.

The situation isn’t a crisis yet, Olesheski said, but if left unattended, it could become one.

Olesheski said he and Councilman Arnold Stevens met with Matt Olden, the town’s lone full-time staff member in the Building and Parks Department, and discussed a list of projects and needed repairs compiled by Don Filkens in late 2011.

Olesheski said he and Olden updated the list during a recent tour of the town’s buildings and parks. It contains more than 50 items, both major and minor. Examples include addressing drainage issues at Tannery Pond, replacing a broken garage door at the town garage, replacing the roof at Town Hall, adding panic hardware to doors at the Senior Meal Site, replacing windows at the Boy Scout Hall, repairing or replacing broken picnic tables at Ski Bowl Pavilion, and painting doors and handrails at Wevertown Hall.

The purpose of the meeting, Olesheski said, was to determine which items Olden and the other crew member who works three days a week could accomplish themselves and which should be farmed out to a contractor.

Thursday’s Town Board discussion produced varying opinions as to how the town should proceed in trying to get a handle on the list and start making progress.

Olesheski said he believed that if Olden and crew could be given some priorities they could accomplish quite a bit in-house. Still, Olesheski said, some of the jobs were beyond the scope of the in-house staff’s expertise and would need to be contracted out. He cited the re-roofing of the Town Hall and Scout Hall as examples.

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