Jewish support appreciated

To the Editor:

I want to thank you (Dan Alexander) for your recent editorial on the Beren’s Jewish Academy basketball team. I am aware of and moved by their story, but more than that, I am moved by your public recognition of the commitment of observant Jews to the principles of their faith – my faith.

To observe the laws of Torah in a secular and Christian culture is somewhat like living in a parallel universe, people operating in different value and time systems yet side by side. The Beren’s story illustrates that.

Over the centuries, Jews have not gotten as much support from our Christian neighbors as we have gotten, in its most benign form, messages that we should come off of it and just go along with the majority. In times not so benign, we have been brutally persecuted for adherence to our beliefs and practices.

When a public figure such as yourself, as editor of a relatively small rural newspaper and with no apparent motive other than to call attention to the positive outcome of religious conviction writes what you wrote (I make the assumption you are not Jewish), it makes my heart swell with gratitude and a sense of security that even in this remote area where you and I live there are Gentiles who recognize and applaud the values of a committed Jewish life. It is people like you who throughout the ages have given Jews the comfort to know that we are not alone, and that there are people who will stand up and provide a haven from the influences that have tried to marginalize, if not destroy us.

Thank you again for your insights and the courage of your words. God bless you.

Bob Segall

Upper Jay

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