One last cast ...

Notes from the North Woods

"Finally, the big brookie was in the net."

"Finally, the big brookie was in the net."

I’ll be along in just a minute, I’m just gonna’ take one last cast.

Over the years, I’ve heard that refrain a thousand times. Usually, it comes from a kid, who’s so hyped up catching fish, he has to be dragged away, kicking and screaming.

It’s a standard plea for parental patience. It also comes from adults, with the same pleading intonation, as from children.

Despite advancing in age, as sons and daughters, we are forever children when in the presence of our parents. It is a role that we simply cannot escape.

In my long career as a fishing guide, I've received numerous requests from adult children. They generally begin like this, "Dad always took us to the Adirondacks for an annual fishing trip, and now we'd like to take him on one. But, he can't get around like he used to, and we were wondering if you could help us out?" It is a request I always strive to fulfill.

The process of angling seems to bring out the kid in everyone. In fact, memories of angling adventures are often citied as one of the most indelible scenes etched into our psyche.

There are few childhood memories that adults can recall as vividly as the day they caught their first fish. For many, it is an experience that ranks above their first kiss!

Several years ago, I received a request from two brothers, who explained, "Dad always took us fishing, and he taught us to fish with the fly. But, he's not doing so well now,.,, he can no longer wade the streams, and tires easily....but we promised him we'd go fishing again, just as he promised us so many years ago".

As I listened, there was a sense of urgency in their voices. They wanted to arrange for their Father to enjoy one last cast.

Joe Hackett is a guide and sportsman residing in Ray Brook. Contact him at brookside18@adelphia.net.

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