The nation’s moral compass is off

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Last week I wrote about the course adjustment that, in my opinion, our nation must take. Throughout the history of the United States, and even before we were an independent nation, we’ve gone through periods of turmoil, uncertainty and non-sustainable activities that required the citizens to stand up and demand change. From the very beginning at the birth of our nation with unfair taxes from England, through slavery, women’s suffrage, labor and racial inequities. What seems like relatively easy issues to resolve by today’s standards were lengthy journeys of maturation our nation underwent over time. But that evolution would not have taken place unless the nation’s citizens reached a point where enough is enough.

Abortion, health care, government finances and religious freedoms appear to be the major issues getting most of the attention these days, yet so many other issues are swirling around that also require immediate attention that affect our common senses and deaden our outrage thus allowing their continued growth. Issues like artificial drugs being sold to children right here in our backyards. The continued proliferation of sexual behavior pouring into our homes through television, the internet and mobile phones needs to be less common place. Violence, while it’s always been a part of every society from the beginning of time, also needs to be better understood both from a youth bullying stand point and the repercussions that come from their actions causing death and suicides when victims take action.

What does it say about our parental controls or commons senses when something like synthetic marijuana can show up on shelves in local stores as a legal product available for children? All one has to do is look no further than these energy boosting products that are so widely available and consumed. Acceptance of needing a little boost to kick start your morning, afternoon or evening easily transitions for children to popping a few pills and smoking “legal” marijuana to get through the school day. Kids will do what they see adults doing, but they generally take it even one step further. I’ve read there is an excellent movie produced recently titled Bully, but its been rated “R” due to the language in the movie. Teens who’ve watched the movie claim the language is what they hear in school and around the house everyday. While it’s no big deal to them it just points out how out of touch we’ve become with our moral compass. Our children replicate what they see and hear in society. What we would like to think is happening is far from reality.

Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com

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