Soon — another school budget showdown!

To the Adirondack Journal:

Voting on the school budget at Lake George Central School district will be here in two months, and I wonder if the Lake George teachers' union will use the same tactics they did last year in their (unsuccessful) attempt to push through another round of increases.

Last year, people witnessed teachers escorting indoctrinated 18-year-old high schoolers to the voting booths, and heard many reports of teachers lobbying students during class time.

In a democracy it's helpful for both sides of an issue to be fairly aired. Usually students and parents receive only one side heavily weighted by NYS United Teachers in favor of continuing the status quo with increasing taxes yearly.

Last year — for the first time ever — a grassroots organization, www.lghalt.org, gave taxpayers the other side of the story, and Lake George taxpayers said "enough!"

But this year, the teachers' union is pushing harder and sooner. Will the union overpower the taxpayers, using the children as pawns? Stay tuned!

Philip Ostrom

Lake George

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