Amid the outrage exists hypocrisy

From the Editor's Desk

In the same breath, I find liberals largely to be the biggest group of hypocrites to have ever walked the planet.

Yes, I wince when someone's religion causes them to want to restrict the rights of others who behave in ways that contradict their own beliefs.

Hate groups frighten me and make me see red, especially when witnessing the emotional toll their actions take on their victims.

When I witness people lack empathy for the disabled, downtrodden and all around less fortunate while espousing what resembles a survival of the fittest mantra I sometimes cry.

Yet I cannot say I am right and they are wrong, and I never consider myself more enlightened because of my viewpoints, which are merely different.

In fact, their actions do not surprise me, as it's no shock when, say, a Christian condemns homosexuality. Such individuals do not pretend to condone or support such actions. Indeed, they openly admit their opposition.

Yet liberals claim to be the most accepting, diverse, open-minded group of individuals around. What many, not all, but many fail to recognize is that they are only open and accepting as long as you subscribe to their definition of diversity and their type of openness.

I have witnessed many a liberal friend claim to be open and accepting and in the same sentence spit venom at the belief systems of, say, Christians.

That doesn't seem very open to me. How open is someone who only accepts individuals who subscribe to his or her form of viewing and behaving in the world?

Anyway, as we cheer Garry Trudeau, slam some media outlets for censoring Doonesbury and condemn individuals for their own ignorance, maybe we should glance in the mirror and examine ourselves.

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