Chamber Music Concert and dinner planned for Elizabethtown-Lewis school

Students practicing for the Chamber Music Concert.

Students practicing for the Chamber Music Concert. Photo by Katherine Clark.

— The students at Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School will hold their 11 annual Chamber Music Concert and Dinner to showcase student’s talent and raise money for the music department on March 22 at 5:30 p.m.

The event is an opportunity for students, who usually play with the band and sing with the chorus, to step out from the group and showcase their talents in solo and smaller grouped performances. Music teacher Kerry Mero said parents and community members can expect to see the students from grades 7 through 12 performing jazz numbers and chorus numbers in a way that highlights their individual talents.

“Unlike the other band and chorus events we hold, this event allows the students to choose a piece that means something to them,” Mero said. “I’m always impressed by the guts the kids have when they get up and stand apart from the group and sing or perform.”

The concert is different from other chorus and band events held during the year at the school because the entire production is a student run performance Mero said. The students select their music and work with eachother while Mero advises them.

“I’m a silent partner in this, the kids are on their own throughout the production,” Mero said. “They are very supportive of eachother and they show a lot of professionalism throughout the planning and during the night of the show.”

The Chamber Music Concert and Dinner will open with a mixed chorus singers performing, followed by a series of smaller intimate groups or performers, and will conclude with two performances by the jazz orchestra. Mero said audience members will hear a broad range of material from Chopin to Adele.

“Whatever kind of music someone in the audience likes, whether it’s classic music to recent hit singles, we will have something they like,” Mero said.

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