Complacency over outrage

And let's talk about war.

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, and it has become increasingly clear that it was largely known there were no weapons of mass destruction there leading up to the war. Saddam Hussein couldn't have been singled out for being a brutal dictator, because he was toward the bottom of a long list of far more dangerous dictators, although the real sociopaths live in countries that offer little in the way of natural resources.

But the point is, more than $1 trillion was spent on that effort. Imagine the education programs that could have been funded with that money.

Imagine, instead of rewarding the wealthy with tax breaks, money is put into social service programs and a real effort is made to break cycles that down the road actually results in less people needing services.

Imagine, again, education a key to economic success and progress, being funded in a way that all children with their unique differences are reached out to and pushed to succeed.

Well, inside your imagination is exactly where such thoughts are going to have to remain if people don't unite and demand something different for themselves, for their children, for their country.

I wince when I read about companies with ties to public officials profiting off war and then cheating the government and when I learn that an oil company is earning record profits while the majority of people suffer.

But when it really hits home is when schools gut themselves, municipalities starve their first responders because of lack of funds and human service organizations reveal significant increases in the amount of hard-working people in need, and in the same breath, have less and less funds to work with.

Yet, a small minority profit, and apparently often not honestly.

This has become a time of downsizing, doing more with less, and...complacency.

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