Verizon changes spot for Minerva cell tower

— “It was obvious from the balloon test at this site, as well as subsequent additional conversations with you and the representative from the Adirondack Park Agency that there are significant concerns with the visible impact of the proposed structure,” Frawley wrote. “Verizon Wireless has been giving serious attention to those concerns and must make sure that all options for a proposed facility are thoroughly considered.”

O’Malley said he had no further details on when tests at the newly leased location will be held but Verizon Wireless plans to begin testing the site to meet APA and town approval as soon as possible.

APA Public Information Director Keith McKeever said March 8 that Verizon hasn’t attempted to make contact with the APA since March 2011.

“We have an open application that is incomplete, and we’re waiting for Verizon to provide us with the information we need to finish that project,” McKeever said about the original cell tower site.

To complete an application, McKeever said Verizon must formally submit a visual analysis with photo simulations to show what the tower will look like in its potential location.

“As part of the application process, we asked them to consider some alternative sites,” McKeever said. “We talked to (Verizon) in January and again in March 2011 and at those times we were under the impression they were going to be proceeding and looking for alternative sites. Since then we have not had any type of contact with them about this project.”

McKeever said the process of putting up a cell tower in the Adirondack Park can vary based on location of the tower and other circumstances, but it is not common for a project like this to be dormant for two years.

On the VerizonWireless.com coverage locator, Internet users can get a visual on the Verizon coverage in their area. If an area is in the “red” it means there is talk and text capability. When the area is white it means there is no communication capability. In the town of Minerva and surrounding area, the coverage is completely white.

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