Candidates for Keeseville mayor talk about dissolution and issues

Do you feel that the committee receives enough input from others?

HOLDERMAN: There was a very good showing at the kick-off meeting on Feb. 22, which means people care very deeply about our village. There is also a website that is set up to give the citizens an easy avenue to express their concerns and ideas to the committee. Anyone who has a question or comment could go on the website: http://keeseville.ning.com. Also, all meetings are open to the public.

ROCK: Through public hearings, the website, and the committee member’s own networking, I believe enough input will be received, and village residents will be informed with the information needed to ultimately decide.

If the committee comes back with a proposal that is contrary to your stance on the matter, what would you direct the Village Board to do?

ROCK: First, let’s be clear that I have no stance on the matter of dissolution. The board of trustees is an elected independent voting group for which I have one out of five votes. I would not direct the board; they will have the recommendations from the Committee and the consulting firm.

HOLDERMAN: The Village Board consists of four duly elected Trustees and the Mayor. Keeping this in mind, I believe there will be some very long discussions, some long hours of reading and thought. Then, together as a Board, we will come up with the decision of where to go from there. As Mayor, it will not be up to me to direct the board to go anywhere. Each Trustee has a vote to make and I will respect that decision in whatever direction it goes.

Other than dissolution, what is the main issue facing the village now?

HOLDERMAN: There are many issues that are facing the village. I would pick revitalizing local business as a first step. We are very fortunate to have a very rich historical background, along with the natural wonders of Ausable Chasm, the Adirondack Park and Lake Champlain. We need to develop our tax-base by introducing new businesses, both for visitors and for the local community. I think working closely with the Revitalize Keeseville group, will be essential to build this community back to where it once was, or even better. I strongly believe that safe drinking water is a major concern for our citizens. At this moment, there are issues associated with the safety of the water.

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