Candidates for Keeseville mayor talk about dissolution and issues

— The second part of the study is where I am more concerned. How can we reinvent this local government to make sure that the residents are getting the adequate services that they are paying for? What — if anything — can we do to make the system more efficient? At this moment, it is very hard for me to come to a conclusion without the study being done. I have to wait until this hard working group comes up with some answers, so I can analyze the effect on the village and on the taxpayers before I can make a stand.

ROCK: I support the STUDY of dissolution only. I have no opinion or bias on actual dissolution.

What questions do you want the dissolution committee to look at and answer?

ROCK: The committee is expected to compile a dissolution plan. Questions will be, What will happen to village employees? What will happen to village services? What will happen to village properties? What effect will dissolution have on property tax? What will happen to retiree’s benefits?

HOLDERMAN: One of my biggest concerns is: “How, with such a diverse government structure, can the residents of the Village be assured that they will be treated and served fairly?” Giving up the direct control of one’s community affairs has consequences. We have, for the time being, a lot of control over our local issues. If the Village was to go away, we need to remember: there will be two different towns, two different counties and the state government to deal with. How long will it take to get an issue resolved when a much bigger community is involved? We will become a small fish in a much bigger pond.

Another question is the same as many people have: “Will the tax rates go down as a result of dissolution or not? Or, will they stay the same for a time being, and then go back to where they were or higher as a result, as has happened in the past with other villages that took the route to dissolve?”

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