Cautious of moderates

To The Valley News:

I have enjoyed Keith Lobdell's Tank articles in the past but his recent submission of "The Plight of the Moderate" seemed a glaring example, to me, of why our country is in trouble right now. The term "moderate," these days, is supposed to imply openmindedness and fairness. We need to be extremely cautious when we are tempted to support someone touted as a moderate. It may be true that a moderate will look at both sides of an issue and feel free to take either side, compromising for the theoretical "common good." What happens when a moderate starts compromising on issues that begin to encroach on personal freedoms, things that are dear to your heart? What if the moderate says he'll repeal a bill requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance the first day he's in office and then in the spirit of cooperation with the "other side," settles on letting it stand? What if a moderate candidate is elected President and supports the idea that religious institutions need to provide birth control options against the moral codes of the institution because the "other side" says that the right to free birth control trumps religious freedom?

By committing treason to the Crown, putting their lives on the line, and leading our nation in revolution, do you think George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were behaving like moderates? Were the men that fought for our independence in the snow with no shoes moderates? Do you think that those men fought, froze and died so our government could ultimately tell us that we, by law, must wear our seatbelts, eat less salt and sugar, exercise more, or provide goods or services against our faiths? I believe that they fought to free us from that type of oppression.

We need a President that is in the business of getting out of our everyday lives and letting us pursue life liberty and the pursuit of happiness by our own definition as long as it's not harmful to others. The more the government is responsible for supplying for our needs, the more the government will be able to pass laws that dictate how we live our daily lives. A moderate is more likely to compromise us into more government because he lacks a spine and feels that pandering to media and what's "in" will get him more votes and more power. We need a candidate and a President that will stand on his own two feet, say what he means and means what he says and return us to the day when people took care of themselves and their families. The best candidate shouldn't be the one with the best hair, can tell the best joke or the one who can roll over to appease the media and his critics. The best candidate is the one that will fight for our FREEDOM, not to ensnare us in further government control. The true plight of the moderate is an inability to make a clear, honest decisions on issues and stand for them.

P. Staats, Westport

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