Ticonderoga polling site moving

Voting to be at Ti Middle School

— The county pays $280 for use of a polling site during each election. LaRock said that rent didn’t even pay to heat the building during elections, not to mention cleaning it.

There will be four different elections in 2012. There will be Republican presidential primary vote April 24, a federal primary June 26, a state-wide primary Sept. 11 and the general election Nov. 6.

Ti school officials have agreed to allow voting in the April and June primaries at the middle school.

“The school has given the go-ahead for the primaries in April and June,” John McDonald, Ti school superintendent, said. “In April, the polls are open starting at noon, so there will be very little disruption to the school day.  The polling will take place in the auditorium, which can be isolated from the rest of the building. The June primary will take place after school is out, so there should not be any issues.

“We will evaluate things after these two primaries and then decide whether to make this a permanent solution,” McDonald said.

All six of Ticonderoga voting districts will move to the Ticonderoga Middle School polling location, Pell-deChame said.

“It’s just a change in site, nothing else,” the election commissioner stressed. “Everything else will remain exactly the same. There are no changes in districts. It should be a smooth transition.”

Voters will be notified by mail of the change in polling site, Pell-deChame said. He and Derinda Sherman, Republican election commissioner, will also post notices in local media to inform people of the change.

After learning the Ti fire house would no longer be available, election officials toured several locations in the community seeking an alternative polling place.

“We looked at several other sites,” Pell-deChame said. “There were issues with space, access, parking. We didn’t want to break Ti into separate polling places. We wanted to keep everything the same, if possible. We wanted to make the change without disturbing voters.”

Pell-deChame is confident voters will be satisfied with the Ticonderoga Middle School as a polling site.

“It’s a perfect space, perfect for voting,” he said. “I don’t anticipate any problems at all.”

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