Bad placement

To the Valley News:

I have waited four weeks to see if your paper would continue to be so crass as to continue to place obituary submissions in the Want Ads Section. You should be ashamed of yourselves for denigrating people with such uncaring and unfeeling treatment during their time of sorrow.

I note that this editorial decision also shows up in your sister papers, with one of them placing an obituary alongside a wood chipper and another, furnaces. If you are not ashamed of yourselves, you should be.

This placement of obituaries in the Want Ads section could not have been made by a single person. Only a committee could have demonstrated such cultural indifference. Is there anyone in New York that will applaud your policy on obituary placement and peripeteia?

Now, I admit that obituary submissions are getting rather long. I noticed one in a locale paper longer than a politician’s speech (with as little sense) and another whose cat received more accolades than the obituary for Albert Schweitzer.

If extensive length is a problem for your paper, don’t insult your readership by placing an obituary in the Want Ads, simply restrict the wordage. In any event, congratulations, you certainly should make someone’s “Jeer” column. On second thought, maybe you are not ashamed of yourselves.

Jim LaForest


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