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Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

Family life; what practices would you like to continue from the way you were raised? What would you like to change? Do you want children?

Spirituality and religion; do you need a partner with the same beliefs and practices?

The future; who will you become and who will this person most likely become? This is a big question, as very often we are struck by charisma and chemistry, paying no regard to who you both might be in ten years.

Pay attention to warning signs, when your mind is telling you, “Oh, oh!” Trust your gut and instincts to gently say, “No, thank you”. Here are some great warning signs that we have heard from clients (go ahead and add to this list!);

• When you end up “training” someone in many areas to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend

• When they are not “into” your friends and family, whom you really enjoy spending time with

• When they only have YOU in their lives

• When there seems to be some addictive tendencies

• When your friends and family raise concerns about your girlfriend or boyfriend

Don’t settle for less or talk yourself into someone because you think you “should” have a partner. That is not to say that you should only accept perfection, as people (yourself included!) are interesting because of their idiosyncrasies and quirky qualities, which make them endearing and unique. It is up to you to decide what you can and cannot tolerate in a relationship! Above all, be gentle and honest with yourself and your dates….Good luck!


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