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As I watched young graduates swimming in their dreams this past weekend, I recalled someone telling me if I need or want something, ask the universe and manifest it. I was given examples of when this worked. In fact, films and books, such as “The Secret,” recommend the same technique and provide testimonials.

Maybe at times it works, but I can think of as many instances when individuals spoke to the universe and put in hard work and nothing happened, at least nothing positive.

Does the universe not like them? I’ve asked people who subscribe to these mantras, and their response is usually, “They lack faith,” or, “They didn’t believe.”

Yeah, that’s what it was.

I’m not saying don’t manifest. If I want Spiderman boxers, I say, “When I own Spiderman boxers,” in conversation instead of “If I own Spiderman boxers,” because believing in yourself goes a long way. Still, the universe isn’t a magic box that dumps desires, and people who say otherwise, even if they don’t mean it, imply that people not celestially blessed with a 57-inch plasma are not working hard, asking the universe in the appropriate tone or believing enough.

Well, you can walk down the street enjoying the breeze and the blue sky and kick a stray cat, flip off the universe and spit on a homeless man before reaching home and snoring through sweet dreams and wake up to your six-figure job and live a long, healthy life. Or, you can do the same, minus the kicking and spitting, serenade the universe before a breathtaking sunset, feed and shelter the homeless and during your sweet dreams a hole opens up in the ground and swallows you dead.

Life is unfair and does not choose sides and young people should know that before the ones whose lives end up being a struggle are caught off guard and they think they must have failed.

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