Learning how to learn

Valedictorian Sara LoTemplio stands with her father Joe.

Valedictorian Sara LoTemplio stands with her father Joe. Photo by Stephen Bartlett.

She went on to quote Star Trek and Harry Potter.

Our individuality keeps us open minded and helps us grow over time, she said. Racette stressed the importance of maintaining that individuality.

“We all have the potential to amount to so much as long as we are not afraid to face the future,” she said, before turning again to a popular culture reference. “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

LoTemplio, while in Nicaragua, learned something about the odds being in her favor when she discovered real-world uses for what she learned in school.

“Suddenly all the doors started flying open for me.”

History became a tool to learn from past mistakes and build a better tomorrow, and English provided the ability to adequately convey ideas, feelings and passions to the world. Even math morphed into solving the problem before her with maximum efficiency and logic.

“The greatest thing I learned in high school was how to learn,” LoTemplio said. “Looking around at my fellow classmates, I see a lot of people to learn from.”

LoTemplio said her school brims with exceptional people, such as athletic all-stars, entertaining actors, creative and passionate artists and talented musicians.

“We have so much to learn from each other if we only keep our eyes open for the lesson,” she said. “Take in as much as you can, because not only have I realized that I won’t be in high school forever, as I once idly thought, but we won’t live forever, either.”

LoTemplio ended by urging her fellow graduates to ask themselves every day what they want to learn and what they want others to learn from them

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