How is pie in the face relevant?

To the News Enterprise:

Relevance is pre-eminent in the process of education at any level. For example, the English language skills and history in many young peoples minds are the least relevant in their quest to understand their world. Yet as the 2012 graduates will immediately learn the “good English” opens doors to good jobs, good education and good social opportunities.

Thus, the top photo strip (page 8 in the June 23 issue of the News Enterprise) about cooked my brain. Where is the relevant connection between developing strong reading skills and life long reading habits to pushing a pie in someone’s face? And, then characterized by this violent act as acceptable behavior, perhaps even worse than torture, then passing it off as fun, to these young students.

Is Principal Kearney a sinister “unfriend” lurking in the halls administering school justice (stay in line, don’t talk, you’re smiling, you — come to my office)? A person feared deserving of torture? What is the message? Read a few books then I can vanquish this monster principal and feel good about it.

These young people are absorbing information and signals at a tremendous rate; vocabulary, reading, sentences, numbers, friendship, eating, playing. It appears that Principal Kearney wants these very quick youngsters to also learn that a violent act against another person is acceptable behavior and can even be classified as an “award.”

How is this for relevance? It could happen that one of these youngsters, when a junior or a senior, would wrestle a gay/lesbian classmate to the floor cut his or her hair off, expecting cheers from his/her peers? 

Robert Nessle, Johnsburg

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