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High speed boating? The first question I am asked by the casual observer is why do I need a 21-foot boat with a 250 horse power motor that runs 70 plus mph. The answer is real simple: the time I save between fishing spots the more time I have to fish. Moreover, I have been involved in tournament fishing for 26 years and know of only two deaths, and neither of those had to do with speed. Just like a race car driver, when you’re running the wide open spaces of the lake you’re paying close attention to what’s going around you. I really think it’s a lot safer on Lake Champlain at 70 mph than interstate 87 at 65 mph with big trucks passing me at 75 mph.

Why fish for cash at all? Just the nature of sports, keep score and sooner or later people are going to want to keep score for money. But, the sport of bass fishing is a big business and has a large impact on local economies. Three hundred competitors coming to the North Country, buying gas, staying in motels, eating meals becomes an important financial plus for local small businesses.

Get a firsthand feel for the sport this weekend. The FLW Tour weigh-ins will be conducted at the Plattsburgh State University field house with a Fun Zone for kids from noon-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. You will have an opportunity to meet the pro fisherman, a chance at samples and giveaways, and can play interactive games hosted by the fisherman all sponsored by the various companies involved with the sport, especially Walmart. I’ll be there, hope to see you.

My prediction for the top five:

  1. Cody Meyer , CA

  2. Jacob Powroznik, VA

  3. Scott Martin, FL

  4. Shinicki Fukae, Japan

  5. Anthony Gagliardi, SC

Howard Hammonds is a guide and experienced bass fisherman living in Westport. He can be reached at hehammonds@gmail.com.

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