School code needs revision

To the Times of Ti:

It is now 2:08 a.m. on Tuesday, June 12. I am sitting here thinking that today should be my daughter’s happiest day of school. She is a senior at Schroon Lake Central School and she should be enjoying the last day with her fellow seniors.

Instead, she is under a two-day, in-school suspension for what is being called a Level 3 offense of the code of conduct — of which the particulars I will not get into. Which I might add is beyond vaguely written.

I want the people of Schroon Lake to know that I stand firm with my husband in our disagreement with the punishment, which I still feel does not fit, and I will not dignify saying “the crime” because there was none committed.

How many people in Schroon Lake with students in the high school level can tell their children what the code of conduct is and what the consequences are? I bet not a lot.

Maybe we need to revise the code of conduct and clearly outline what the consequences will be, and then within the first month of school have a mandatory assembly or meeting after school or at night with high school students and their families to discuss the code of conduct and the consequences. Get some feedback and communication going.

I also wish to thank specifically her classmates, teachers, underclassmen, parents and those community members who supported her despite a diehard try from the bureaucratic hierarchy.

We do not live in Egypt. We are not under the rule of Pharaoh. “So let it be written, So let it be done! Say no to edicts!”

We live in America where our voices should be heard and considered. Do we want our future students to be brought up in an indoctrination center where they are told what to say and how to think or do we want our children to leave this school with a clear mind knowing that they’ve gotten the best education they could and that their opinion truly matters?

Lori Messing

Schroon Lake

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