Horace Nye residents honor flag, veterans

Residents of the Horace Nye Nursing Home celebrated Flag Day June 14.

Residents of the Horace Nye Nursing Home celebrated Flag Day June 14. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— Staff and residents of the Horace Nye Nursing Home took time June 14 to honor the American flag and those who served it currently living at the facility.

Twenty-one veterans and 11 veteran spouses were part of the annual Flag Day ceremony at the nursing home, where the facility was the recipient of a new flag and pole to be placed in the veterans activities room.


This flag and pole were given to the residents of Horace Nye Nursing Home to be placed in the recreation room for veterans living at the facility.

“We had come here on a tour and the veterans that were here let us know that they did not have a flag in their recreation room,” Gregg Lee, Adjutant for Disabled American Veterans, said. “We are here today to give them the gift of a flag that will be here and that they can call their own.”

The pole was gifted through Danny Kaifetz of Adirondack Flagpoles.

“Nothing is more important on Flag Day then honoring those who have served under her,” Kaifetz said.

“The Stars and Stripes are the symbol of this great nation,” Tim Pierce, Director for New York State Veterans Affairs, said. “It is a symbol of our many conflicts and wars, but it is also a symbol of each of our duty.”

Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley talked about an experience that made her better appreciate the flag, traveling between the former West and East Germany.

“When we crossed over to the east, there were machine guns on every corner and there were no smiles,” Bartley said. “When I was coming back into West Berlin, I saw the flag on the Berlin Wall flying proudly. That’s when I knew what that symbol meant. It meant that I would be on the safe side, the free side.”

Residents of Horace Nye Nursing Home who have served in the military include Robert Blaise, Arthur Brassard, William Bryant, John Cannon, John Carlson, Paul Curtis, Richard Ebersbach, Leo Fleury, Elbert Howard, Robert Kalinowski, Harold LeClair, Raymond Martin, Alfred Maye, John Murphy, Frank Mussaw, William Meyers, Jr., Paul Norton, Richard Richmond, John Runyon, Harris Young and Ruby Williams.

Horace Nye veterans’ spouses include Audrey Baker, Marion Beede, Nancy George, Claudia Hildebrandt, Madeline Norton, Rita Phillips, Margaret Schnieder, Roberta Stanley, Eleanor Wardell, Ruby Williams and Nancy Yocum.

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