Turning Back the Pages

The Leland House banquet was served in the hotel dining room and the guests partook of the delicious viands overseen by Mr. Emerson’s friend, hotelman Albert Thierot of New York and Chestertown. The dining room was lavishly decorated with flowers and plants from the greenhouse of Sheridan E. Prosser of Warrensburgh.

The meal began with hors d’oeuvres of Russian caviar on toast. The three main entrees consisted of fried local black trout, chicken and spring lamb with mint sauce and numerous spring vegetables which were served with Chambertain 1900. The pates au sweetbreads was served with Chateau Lafite 1902. Dozens of other delicacies and desserts, to many to mention, were presented and the meal ended with Brie and Roquefort cheese with guava jelly and champagne, “segars,” cigarettes and Pall Malls.

Each guest was presented a silver lead pencil bearing the recipient’s name and the date of the banquet. (Note: I think we can truly recall this era as “The days of wine and roses,” which will never come again in our time. On Halloween night, Oct. 31, 1914, someone tossed a cigar into the dry leaves near the Leland House’s east cottage which set a fire that destroyed the beautiful big hotel. St. Andrew’s Church burned as well.)

Doctor delivers bad news

Mrs. Clayton Weller received the terrible news that she would have to give up smoking and chewing in order to recover her health. Riverbank is slowly forging ahead in the meantime. It boasts one post office, one meat market and now a store on wheels driven by Clayton Weller who has purchased a brand new brown suit for the occasion.

News roundabout

The black bass season for 1912 opened in New York State waters Monday, June 17, 1912. Ten cans of small trout were sent to Stony Creek recently from the fish hatchery at Fulton Chain and were placed in the streams thereabouts.

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