Moriah valedictorian expresses thanks

Class of 2012 graduates

Santana Martinez, left, Moriah Central School salutatorian, joins classmate Alexis Burch prior to graduation ceremonies June 22.

Santana Martinez, left, Moriah Central School salutatorian, joins classmate Alexis Burch prior to graduation ceremonies June 22. Photo by Nancy Frasier.

— “Being a part of the Class of 2012 has been great, she said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better class. We have so many smart young men and women on this stage right now. Our class is one of the closest to ever graduate. We all have our best friends, but when it comes down to it, we’ll always come together if one or another needs it.”

But while the class is close, it is diverse, Martinez noted.

“We cannot all be measured by a grade point average, we can’t entirely be conveyed with a transcript, and we cannot be summarized in a diploma — career passport or not,” the salutatorian said. “For in addition to our quality education from the classroom, we’ve received an education in life from each other.

“The message of the summoned life is that you don’t need to panic if you don’t yet know what you want to do with your life,” Martinez said. “But you probably want to throw yourselves into circumstances where the summons will come, so keep your eyes open and always stay optimistic.

“They say life is all a bunch of doors of opportunity,” she continued. “Well, I am here to tell you that you must knock on all doors until your knuckles bleed. Doors will slam in your face. You must pick yourself up, dust off and knock again.”

Martinez urged her classmates to work hard.

“Remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets,” she said. “Work hard, stay kind, follow your heart and success will follow you.”

The Moriah Central School Class of 2012 includes Casey Allen, Michael Badger Jr., Erica Baker, Lindsay Brace, Timothy Breeyear, Ivan Budwick, Alexis Burch, Carlo Calabrese, Jasmine Callis, Courtney Carson, Jennifer Chappell, Hailey Chapuk, Trevor Cheney, Samantha Cota, Landon Cross, James Curran, Emily Cutting, Rachel Demarais, Kyle Dever, Kevin Emmons, Amanda French, Duncan Gemmell Jr., Jeffrey Greenough Jr., William Heald, Miranda Hyatt, Keith Ida, Thomas Ida, Andrew King, Meghan King, Latasha Lord, Craig MacDougal, Melinda Malbon, Steven Martin, Santana Martinez, Stephanie Mauran, Josseline Medina-Flores, Troy Morin, Kevin Nesbitt, Ronald Perry, Natasha Pratt, David Quinn, Sara Rancour, Ethan Roberts, Conner Rodriguez, Whitney Salerno, Tucker Sargent, Benjamin Schaefer, Brooke Sheffer, Corinne Slycord, Shelby Sherman, Thomas Slattery, Alan Smith, Ryan Smits, Logan Sprague, Jacob Stevenson, Wendy Virmala, Hayley Waldron, Chantelle Waller, Crystal Warren, Symantha Jo Wright, Jamie Wykes and Kaitlyn Zerbe.

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