Author writes about Plattsburgh in new book

M. Dylan Raskin is at work on his third memoir.

M. Dylan Raskin is at work on his third memoir. Photo by Stephen Bartlett.

— “I think that could happen, and it probably will,” Raskin said recently during an interview at his Plattsburgh apartment. “It’s a guy and his dog and shotgun out in the woods.”

The book was also turning into a love story when Raskin had a change of heart and switched to the memoir.

The Plattsburgh-based book is about a small town with big lessons, though it is not a morality tale. It’s mostly a conversational book about nothing, sort of like a Seinfeld episode.

It takes place over the course of a day in Plattsburgh and includes flashbacks to experiences with various people Raskin has encountered in the area. Much of it occurs in the local coffee shop, the Koffee Kat.

It’s less aggressive than his previous work, but so is Raskin. Much of that is due to his age and the people he fell in with in Plattsburgh.

“I’ve met some of the best people I have ever met in my entire life,” Raskin said. “Plus, it’s hard to be bitter when you are surrounded by lakes and mountains.”

And life is simpler now, normal and quiet, with his feet firmly planted. He runs and bikes daily and hikes with his dog.

Raskin plans to complete the new book in September, with a possible publishing date sometime next year.

He suspects this book and the novel he started will be the last works he publishes, though he will always write for his own pleasure.

“I find that publishing is a great invasion of my privacy,” Raskin said. “Plus, I hate deadlines and being beholden to a publisher.”

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