Author writes about Plattsburgh in new book

M. Dylan Raskin is at work on his third memoir.

M. Dylan Raskin is at work on his third memoir. Photo by Stephen Bartlett.

— The rage that fueled M. Dylan Raskin at 22 is fading, as those sporadic spurts of his signature hostility toward the people he loathed become an increasing rarity.

That might discourage fans who connected with the author’s rants against walking clichés and the seemingly endless lack of inspiration in the world. Fortunately for them, Raskin is still able to hurl verbal resentment at the injustices he sees around him while being at peace with his place in an increasingly unstable world he’s once again writing about.

“Any given day in Plattsburgh is so rich with material,” said the author of “Little New York Bastard” and “Bandanas & October Supplies.” “A lot occurs in this small town, and it would be foolish to let all of this go untold.”

Raskin once had much to be angry about, growing up in Queens surrounded by people he detested without the guidance of his father, who had passed suddenly. His first memoir, published in 2003 by Four Walls Eight Windows, detailed a lost, angry young man who briefly leaves New York City and his mother for Chicago in search of inspiration and anonymity.

His second memoir, published in 2006 by Avalon, tells the story of a young man who has a nervous breakdown as he bounces from place to place with his mother, who actually passed a few months before after an agonizing battle with ovarian cancer. The book culminated with Raskin unstable, exhausted and in the hospital for three days.

Raskin eventually ended up with his dog Esme in Plattsburgh where he has become co-owner of Koffee Kat on Wheels. He hasn’t published since his last book, though he writes for himself in a small space in the back corner of his attic apartment.

“Nothing I would publish.”

The 34-year-old recently started a project that was to be published, a fictional survival story that takes place in the North Country after the dollar collapses and martial law is declared.

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