Taxpayers lied to

To the Valley News:

On June 5, 2012, the Essex County board of Supervisors threw the residents of Horace Nye Home under a speeding bus. Not all of them were party to this miscarriage. I want to thank Mr. Scozzafava, Mr. Morrow, Ms. Boisen, Mr. Moore, Mr. Marnell, and Mr. Hatch for their support of the residents of the nursing home and you will always be remembered for your dedication to keeping the home opened. Bless you all.

One supervisor said the failings of the nursing home was basically the fault of the governing body of Essex County. I couldn‘t agree more. They are not smart enough to be in charge of our county. They are there just for their own benefit. One in an interview with the Adirondack Explorer said he would like to invest $500,000 in the fish hatchery which was suppose to close down, yet they continue to put monies into the hatchery; $30,000 for a truck, $10,000 for poles for nets, and I can't wait for the next round of spending for it. If you check the stocking report put out this year, you would understand why he prefers fish over the elderly. Another has the fair grounds and needs funds from the county to run. Fun and games over the elderly, great chose. Then you have one that sees that his family gets the openings in the county and when there is an out cry, they put together an ethics committee, after all the damage has been done. Another wants the state to purchase conservation easements instead of acquiring full title to the land so they can keep their leases and have exclusive hunting and fishing rights at the expense of state tax payers for lands purchased by the Adirondack Nature Conservancy, the Finch, Pruyn lands. As Neil Woodworth said," The Gooley Club's idea of a conservation easement would exclude the public. The public would in effect be paying for the Gooley Club's playground through taxes." paid by the state on the easement lands. The others say they voted to cut taxes for the people they represent yet the way it was explained even by selling the nursing home we will not see a reduction in our taxes. A wise man once said, ‘The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell."

The taxpayers have been sold a big lie.

The whole process from beginning to end has been done according to what certain board members wanted, right or wrong as long as it was done their way. lt's time to Contact the Attorney Generals office and ask for an investigation of the procedures taken by the board of supervisors to see if all is above board and legal, if there was any conflict of interest in the sale of Horace Nye Home. We deserve at least that.

Richard Tromblee

Moriah Center

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