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Kids Count

Several speeches will be delivered at graduation and they will speak to selflessness and idealism. “Find your passion, your strengths and plug them into the world around you.” “We all have a responsibility to make the world a better place than how we found it.” Perhaps a popular teacher, the school principal or superintendent will charge the graduates to go out and change the world. To carry their alma mater with them as they go.

Then the moment will come that will never come again, they will walk across the stage, receive their diploma and move their tassel to the other side, they have graduated. Cameras will flash, tears will be shed, and big hugs will be meted out to everyone present.

Graduates will line up to receive congratulations and to say their final good byes. They will be saying goodbye to teachers that have been their mentors, their instructors, their counselor, the speaker of stern words when needed and a thoughtful shoulder to lean on at times. They will be saying goodbye to their friends, friends that have been with them since Kindergarten in many instances. They will be saying goodbye to their entire school community rich with so many memories. They will also be saying goodbye to the familiar comfort of a secure school routine.

Today, the certainty offered by their school community will end. The partnership that was shared by their parents and their school on their behalf will also end. Though they are saying goodbye, many special memories will be indelibly etched in their hearts.

“Carpi Diem” graduates.

Remember, all kids count.

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