District voters approve Plattsburgh School budget

Suzannah Chatlos voted in support of the Plattsburgh City School budget.

Suzannah Chatlos voted in support of the Plattsburgh City School budget. Photo by Stephen Bartlett.

— “I voted yes,” said Suzannah Chatlos, who was out of town during the first budget vote.

She believes people should exercise their right to vote and is a strong supporter of public education. She attended Plattsburgh City School and directly benefited from some of the programs that were reduced or eliminated.

“I understand we are in a tight place financially, but I didn’t want anything else cut.”

Short felt people defeated the first budget, not necessarily because they do not support the school system, but because they are frustrated with the tax burden. He believes people responded positively to the budget that just passed.

“In the face of natural cost increases and decreased state aid, we had to lower our year-to-year expenditures.”

Unfortunately, it does not appear the financial issues that public schools face will change anytime soon. School officials must remain sensitive to the needs of taxpayers as they move forward, Short said.

The next few years will be equally, or possibly even more difficult. In terms of the budget voters approved and the coming school year, Plattsburgh City School must live within its means, Short stressed.

The district often faces changes, such as a new student moving into the district, sometimes on a monthly basis, and if those changes result in increased costs, Plattsburgh School officials will have to make further reductions.

“Business will not be the same as it has been in the past,” Short said. “Any increase will have to be met with a reduction.”

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