Building repairs, infrastructure issues vex Johnsburg Town Board

— Rawson recommended replacing the pump at a cost of about $30,000.

The second situation is at the 200,000-gallon water tank that services the south end of the water system. The tank needs to be serviced, and a leak needs to be repaired. Rawson said the town has three options.

1) It can replace the tank at a cost of about $140,000.

2) It can recondition the old tank by emptying it, pressure washing the interior, painting the exterior, disinfecting it, resurfacing the interior of the tank and relining it. That would cost about $200,000, Rawson said.

3) The third option would provide a temporary fix. The town would contract with a company that specializes in repairing and restoring water tanks. The company would send divers into the tank and they would apply a patch on the leak that should last a couple of years, maybe more. The cost for the patch repair would be around $4,000, Rawson said.

The board voted unanimously to proceed with the new pump and the installation of new electrical service at the pump site as well as proceeding with the temporary patch at the water tank, all of which is estimated to cost around $41,000.

The one bright bit of news, Vanselow said, is that the town raised water rates several years ago so that it could establish a repair fund.

“There are funds available,” Vanselow said.

The Town Board next meets at 7 p.m., July 3 at the Wevertown Hall.

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