My day in jail

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Officers Nicholas Denton and Pete Feeley watch tape to make sure nothing inappropriate was happening.

Officers Nicholas Denton and Pete Feeley watch tape to make sure nothing inappropriate was happening. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

A block was where I next got a taste of what poor choices can lead to. The big debate of the morning in the most populated male area was the fact that some of the inmates were not allowed to watch the end of game one of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder (first question: why would you want to watch the NBA, but that’s for another column). The game, which started after 9 p.m., lasted well after lights out at 11 p.m., and the call was made that game one of a seven game series was not that important (again, has there ever been an NBA game that important since Jordon retired, but I digress).

Either way, it was an issue that came up because the people in there made choices that now restrict their ability to do what those on the outside can do - watch something past 11 p.m.

(It was also an issue that was forgotten as the officer overseeing the block said that the inmates turned from complaining about not watching the game to why I did not ask them any questions after I left the area).

Another was watching some of the inmates walk around the recreation area. The enclosed space included a stationary stand that could be used for pullups or other exercises, a sky light and tables, but was confined to an area where it would take many laps to walk a mile. When I walk, I go around the town, which is a lot more challenging and fun.

I also got to see the officers book a pair of new residents, which was again eye-opening. The officers worked with the soon-to-be inmates to make sure that they were stable, able to have all of the information they needed, and in one case, looked up a phone number for someone that needed to call a family member to ask about bail.

Keith Lobdell is the Editor of the Valley News. He can be reached at keith@denpubs.com

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