Adirondack Ensemble co-founder sets record straight

Guest Commentary

The non-for-profit corporate business model I selected in 1995 to operate Adirondack Ensemble proved to be a Catch-22 situation for me as a professional artist. I enjoyed the opportunity to develop audiences and programs and fundraise with a 501(c)3 entity; however I did not own the company and ultimately the Board of Directors (and former disgruntled members) conspired to force me out without warning.

With the help of a local attorney, I negotiated to receive the name Adirondack Ensemble and artistic mission, and the remaining few directors assumed the name Upper Hudson Musical Arts to present diverse programming (not chamber music) along with the Adirondack Ensemble non-profit status, financial accounts and audiences that I developed over multiple years. It was agreed that I would continue developing Adirondack Ensemble as a community-based chamber music ensemble but the "new" board of directors programmed chamber music concerts within a week upon changing the name. They lied to me.

Today my career thrives in Vermont. My time is limited to performing and my family. I own Burlington Ensemble (www.burlingtonensemble.com). I suggest that Mr. Pearsall stick to investment banking and write less about history.

Michael Dabroski

Founder, Adirondack Ensemble

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