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Over the last year our politicians, major news outlets, union leaders and powerful lobbyists have been waging war in Wisconsin. The failed recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been hailed by the Republican Party as a major victory heading into the fall election season. The Democratic Party, backed by major labor, now seeks to double their efforts to reengage the electorate, learning from this perceived failed effort.

Why do we continually allow issues of importance to be taken over and owned by those who seek to protect their own self interests while framing these issues in a manner designed to create division among us? We must recognize we have only one country and that country must have a sense of direction that is fair and compassionate to all. No one appreciates a gloating victor, but that is exactly what the political parties have undertaken to pit us against each other—and keep us there.

Americans have always been at their best when they stand united, arm in arm. When we allow the powerful, or the politically connected, to divide us and shift our loyalty to party or self interest instead of country is when we work against our own best interests. Wisconsinites registered their votes last week and they alone should be the victors or losers in that contest. Feeding the political divide instead of using our democratic common sense has allowed our nation to become paralyzed in recent years, and it won’t get any better until we demand that enough is enough.

Public-sector workers reportedly continue to enjoy better benefits than their private sector counterparts. About 64 percent of private-sector workers have access to pensions, compared with 90 percent of state and local government workers. Private-sector workers earn an average of $8.53 in benefits per hour, while government workers earn $14.31 in benefits per hour. Our economy can’t continue to support growing government payroll costs. Some form of balance must be maintained.

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