EC approves mortgage tax report

The Essex County Board of Supervisors.

The Essex County Board of Supervisors. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— A total of $309,345.08 will be spread throughout the towns and villages of Essex County thanks to those who have visited the area over the past six months.

Members of the Board of Supervisors voted to accept the semiannual mortgage tax report from the county treasurer, with the tax funds to be split up between the 18 towns and four villages in the county.

The semiannual mortgage tax report and showing the amounts to be credited to each tax district within the county, which includes towns and villages collected for the previous six months ending on March 31.

The mortgage tax will be split up as follows:

Chesterfield $12,696.96; Keeseville $890.84; Crown Point $6,597.03; Elizabethtown $3,094.27; Essex $3,838.92; Jay $21,407.87; Keene $7,900.29; Lewis $6,169.34; Minerva $4,421.15; Moriah $11,358.30; Port Henry $2,201.44; Newcomb $8,529.78; North Elba $74,986.59; Lake Placid $27,948.19; Saranac Lake (North Elba) $2,996.70; North Hudson $1,004.52; St. Armand $13,153.66; Saranac Lake (St. Armand) $1,051.32; Schroon $28,876.04; Ticonderoga $31,284.92; Westport $11,100.38; Willsboro $14,635.13; Wilmington $13,201.44.

There was one change to the resolution, as Scozzafava said that there was a one cent change that needed to be made to the town of Wilmington, dropping them from $13,201.45.

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