Teacher assistant Kathy Allen retiring from Johnsburg Central

Johnsburg Central School teacher assistant Kathy Allen

Johnsburg Central School teacher assistant Kathy Allen

— It’s hard to imagine Teacher Assistant Kathy Allen no longer working at Johnsburg Central School, helping kids reach their goals. But, like several other JCS teachers, she is retiring this year. Allen has been working at Johnsburg for 11 years, but still has goals to accomplish.

“I’m happy that I’m going to retire; I’ve got some plans for my future that I don’t have time to do up here…although I love being here, working with the students. I’ll be back to substitute,” said Allen. “I’m planning to do some traveling with my husband when I retire. I’d like to spend more time with my mother and maybe spend more time going to my grandchildren’s sports activities.”

Allen spoke about her early dreams regarding a career.

“I always wanted to be a teacher, but I didn’t go to college until I was in my thirties, when my children were almost out of high school; and then I made it my goal to get a degree in teaching. I took the position of a teaching assistant, which doesn’t have the same benefits as a faculty, but I still was fulfilled in teaching.”

Allen wanted to work at Johnsburg “because it’s close to home. I had a child that was still in school. I needed the benefits of the health insurance at the time. The academic opening came up and it sounded good.”

Allen is certified in Elementary Education. She has worked with many students in every subject for Academic Intervention Services. “I don’t have a favorite age group to work with. I think I like working with the high school students, though,” she said.

When asked to look back on her favorite moment, she couldn’t choose just one.

“It’s fulfilling. A good moment is when the students that are struggling pass their exams and get good grades. So, it’s not just one moment, but several moments. I’ll miss working with students and enjoying the company of the staff.”

The last question was whether she’d go back and time and do something differently.

“Yes, I’d probably go to college sooner, so I could work in the school longer. But I feel fulfilled, too, because I spent more time at home with my children. I would’ve gotten a full time teaching position.”

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