Saranac Lake village to revisit fence law

Saranac Lake Board of Trustees

Saranac Lake Board of Trustees Photo by Andy Flynn.

•Fences erected or maintained in the side yard of a corner lot shall not exceed 5 feet in height.

•No stockade-type or privacy fence shall be allowed in any front yard or the side yard of a corner lot.

•All fences shall be maintained in a safe, sound and upright condition. No fence shall be erected which will create a safety problem for people using the public right-of-way.

•Fences shall not be erected within 2 feet of a publicly owned curb or sidewalk and shall not be erected within a public right-of-way.

•On industrial or commercial properties, proposed fences not in conformance with the provisions of Subsection C (permit) shall be approved by the Planning Board under the site plan review.

•No solid fences over 26 inches in height shall be permitted in the triangular area formed by the intersecting street lines and straight lines joining the street lines at points which are 20 feet in distance from the point of intersection measured along the street lines. Measurement of height shall be from the grade of the abutting top of curb or from the crown of the abutting road, if there is no curbing. Split-rail fences, cyclone fences or other similarly open fences are permitted in the triangular area and are permitted to be 36 inches in height, provided that they do not create a traffic hazard and block visibility. No hedge over 3 feet in height shall be planted or maintained in this same triangular area.

•Barbed wire, ,electric or similar materials or devices may only be used in conjunction with or as part of any fence for limited industrial and utility purposes. Any proposed fence that includes use of such materials shall require site plan review.

•No fence shall be permitted which is expressly designed with the intent to injure or maim anyone who attempts to climb such a fence.

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