End all government programs

To the Editor:

Read your editorial (“Is health care moving in the right direction?” by Times of Ti publisher Dan Alexander May 25) and was happy to see that you are all for affordable health care for all citizens — just as long as it doesn’t cut into profits.

As a good Republican you parrot the mantra of keeping government out of health care and letting all Americans fend for themselves. What a great idea — provide for yourself or die. Let’s do away with Medicare (you do realize that this is a government program I hope). Let’s do away with Social Security which is obviously a socialist program, just look at it's name. Let’s do away with the VA and veterans hospitals for if anyone should be able to care for themselves it’s our brave veterans. Let’s do away with the Food and Drug Administration for they are a great drag on free enterprise and are constantly stopping businesses from selling poisonous food and drugs; certainly in our free enterprise system the buyers should be expected to fend for themselves and be aware of what is good for them and what will kill or injure them without big government stepping in.

Yes, get government out of health care and stop it from meddling in our lives — no more efforts to control disease and epidemics. Let’s stop the government, state and national, from trying to force people to have their children vaccinated, a few cases of chicken pox, TB and small pox hurt/kill only a few and at least they were able to exercise their right of free choice (the hell with the rest of us). Let’s return to the (19)30s where the majority of the elderly lived out their lives in poverty. Serves them right for not saving more and controlling inflation.

So keep preaching and let’s get rid of all the intrusive government that has grown up around us. Abolish the departments of education, police, fire, highway maintenance, water, etc. Let’s get back to that mythical time when real Americans fended for themselves — grew their own food, home-schooled their children and took care of their own medical needs.

What great ideas you have Dan. Keep it up!

Harry Page

Bolton Landing

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