Some patients and employees angry over Horace Nye sale

Those in favor of keeping the Horace Nye Nursing Home as a county-run facility react to the vote to sell June 5.

Those in favor of keeping the Horace Nye Nursing Home as a county-run facility react to the vote to sell June 5. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— Audience members of the Essex County Board of Supervisors meeting left the courthouse angry and confused June 5 after the sale of the Horace Nye Nursing Home was approved.

“They voted to sell,” Celeste Beeman said with tears on her cheeks, walking away from the Board of Supervisors’ chambers.

The Essex County Board of Supervisors approved resolution to sell the Horace Nye Nursing home to Specialty Care/Kenny Rozenberg for $4.05 million after a request for bids was submitted a year ago.

Beeman, a registered nurse at Horace Nye, has been working alongside other nurses, patients families and friends and community members for the past year to combat the sale. After the decision was read, people left the chambers quickly, many upset by the board’s decision.

Many of those who worked at the home or had family there left the meeting wondering what would be next for their loved ones. Bobbi Paye, mother of a patient at HN said she doesn’t believe the board made a good decision.

“In a few years, let’s see what they sold and how they feel about it,” Paye said.

Many patients had come from the home in wheelchairs, with the help of walkers and on their own to support the nursing home.

“We won’t have a damn place in the world to go,” nursing home patient Janette O’Donnell said as her daughter, Elizabeth O’Donnell, pushed her wheel chair from the court house.

“It’s remarkable, I’m so upset and I can’t believe this,” Elizabeth said. “From what they said they had their minds made up before they even went to a vote.”

Moriah Supervisor Tom Scozzafava said the board’s June 5 decision removed the nursing home from the board of supervisor’s hands.

“What’s next is the Department of Health has to make a review,” Scozzafava said. “This process is far from over, I just think this is going to come back to bite us.”

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