Essex County accepts new weighted vote numbers

The Essex County Board of Supervisors

The Essex County Board of Supervisors Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— “Representing the Town of Elizabethtown which lost more people in the last census than any other town in Essex County, I can understand and appreciate that I would like to have one person, one vote, because my vote is getting smaller and smaller,” Bartley said.

County Manager Daniel Palmer said that a board of supervisors must vote under the weighted system.

“There was a Supreme Court ruling that said it had to be based upon a one for one vote so you have to do the calculations to make sure that whatever Tom (Scozzafava) represents in Moriah is a one for one vote based upon his voting power here on the board,” Palmer said. “That is where those calculations are driven from.”

“It is actually based upon the same formula as your Congressional districts, your Assembly and your Senate — based on population only they equal it out so you get to the one vote through the number of constituency,” Scozzafava said.

Scozzafava also said that while he understood the call from the smaller towns, there were plenty of chances to vote on issues before they make it to the full board.

“Everything has to go through the committee process and, as you know, it has been pretty well debated and voted on by the time it gets to full board,” Scozzafava said

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