Yes, health care system needs help

To the Editor:

In answer to the question posed by the editorial, “Is health care moving in the right direction?”, I could have answered, “NO,” without much of any effort to dig into what would come next in the discussion. Our medical system is broke, and as big a change as the legislation Obama signed seems, it doesn’t scratch the surface to get to all the major ailments.

Truly, though, I don’t see how legislation, which guarantees insurance to all DenPub employees and saves $100,000 for a small business in the process, is eroding American freedoms. If ANYTHING ought to be an entitlement, should it not be medical care?

I understand there is a huge potential downslide incurred by resorting to big government entitlements, and the money has to come from our pockets, ultimately. Nevertheless, it seems to me that social security and unemployment insurance, for examples, are almost Godsends, or our whole country would be in the throes of deep agony of all sorts, right now. So, what freedom would we be gaining by eliminating those entitlements—or guaranteed medical insurance for more people? I really don’t get it.

I don’t know what we should do, really. But, I value attempts made in a positive direction, no matter how small. If I could see something concrete being lost as a result of this itsy bitsy step in the right direction, I might not go for it, either, but… $100,000 further in the black for a small business somehow still seems like a good thing to me

I appreciate the detail laid out in this editorial; it provides the substance needed for a good dialog.

Don Austin


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