One nation under God

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

In my opinion, a country with no faith basis, made up of non-believers, is just as intolerable as a country endorsing a single religious faith. This country’s diversity and melting pot has served us well through the centuries. Our courts need to quit attacking religion and slowly chipping away its importance in our society. Newspaper editors that call for no prayer should stay focused on the First Amendment and the freedom of speech and freedom of the press because once our religious freedoms are legislated away restrictions on those other cherished freedoms won’t be far behind. As for Mr. Douglas in Essex County, N.Y., why not consider a moment of reflection prior to board meetings, encouraging the members to consider the issues they are about to undertake and look for wisdom and guidance from a source of their own choosing?

We frequently ask for God to bless America both in song and prayer. I hope those blessings continue to provide our leaders, our courts and all Americans with the wisdom to accept and tolerate our difference while growing our love and respect for the country we all call home.

Dan Alexander is Associate Publisher of New Market Press. He can be reached at at dan@newmarketpressvt.com.

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